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Greetings from the MS/HS Principal

Tim Christensen

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Adrian High School

Adrian High School is a great place to go to school.  It has everything that one would expect from a small school:  small class size; professional, enthusiastic, and caring teachers; quality academics programs;  pride in our students, and lots of respect for each other.  There are many academic successes and extra-curricular successes that occur at Adrian Schools on a daily basis. 

AHS has fantastic facilities that are maintained with care and professionalism by our quality custodial staff.  Our amenities include:

*great facilities including the new High School gymnasium and an outstanding football stadium;

*a comprehensive academic curriculum that meets the Minnesota Academic Standards;

*Five “A” Education Foundation

*vocational classes in woods, metals, business computer applications,  family and consumer science, ITV ag

*college credit classes –  Psychology, Government, English

*offerings in two languages – Spanish and Sign Language

*Mac computer labs with extensive use of technology integrated into many classes; many classrooms with Smart Board Technology

*a highly decorated band and choir

*athletic teams for both boys and girls

*numerous extracurricular activities to round out ones education at AHS

Approximately 200 students attend Adrian High School in grades 9-12. To graduate students need 22 credits 4 in English, 3.5 in social studies, 3 in math, 3 in science, 2 in health and physical education, and 5.5 credits in electives.  We are on a eight-period day, students are required to take a minimum of six classes each semester.  They can have one study hall. 

Our mission at Adrian Schools is to prepare students for the future.  Whether they aspire to attend a four-year college or a two-year technical/community college, join the military, or enter the world of work, our graduates are well equipped to meet the challenges that lie ahead.  Adrian Schools is the perfect place for a quality education. 


Adrian Middle School

Adrian Middle School houses approximately 150 students in grades 6-8.  We serve as a transition from elementary school to high school.  All of our middle school students take English, social studies, science, and math.  Sixth graders also take art, physical education, and computer.  Seventh graders take FACS, technology, health, and physical education.  Eighth graders take art, physical education, and data processing.  Students in the middle school may elect to take band and/or choir.  

Our school is on a eight period day.  Middle school students move from teacher to teacher.  They keep their books and belongings in lockers in the hallway.  Students are reminded that they are allowed to bring a lock to school for their lockers to secure their belongings; however, most students elect not to lock their lockers.  We are a very safe and respectful school.  At the beginning of each day, students report to their advisors for a 15-minute homeroom period.  During this time, students may do a group activity, study, read, watch Channel 1 news, or meet with teachers.

We offer Study Tables every Wednesday after school for those students who need a little extra help with their homework and/or studies.  The Study Tables are supervised and instructed by Adrian MS/HS licensed teachers. This Study Table is required for those students who have becom academically ineligible to participate in extra-curricular activities.  Throughout the course of the year, we have noticed an increase in attendance for those students who need that extra assistance.  Parents, if you would like your child to attend Study Tables, please contact the middle school office.

Our support staff for Adrian Middle School includes Tanya Krueger Psychologist  and Rita Domagaala School Nurse.  Please feel free to contact any one of them or myself with any questions or concerns.

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